Torian Gymnastics 2.0 & the return of Tech WOD!


Our new gymnastics program launches this week and members can expect to see some exciting new developments to the program.

In addition to the “general gymnastics” classes that people know and love, we’ll be launching a new “levelled” class system which has been designed to develop the strength and skills necessary to acquire the gymnastic movements typically seen in CrossFit programming.

Having these levelled classes allows us to group trainees together who’re at a similar level, and in doing so make it easier to cater the class experience to their specific stage of development. This in turn leads to a faster rate of progression.

With the guidance of our coaches Jade and John, athletes can determine which classes are most appropriate for them, and then have a clear pathway of progression as they aim to develop the proficiency and skills to advance.

See below for our Gymnastics timetable, as well as brief descriptions of each class and level.


Tech WOD will also make a return on Tuesday nights and see a wide variety of CrossFit skills covered from week to week. More details to follow in the next few days but think snatch, clean & jerk, rope climbs, kipping etc.

Tuesday 5am, 6am, 9:30am - General Gymnastics 5pm, 6pm - Tech WOD

Thursday 5am, 6am, 9:30am - General Gymnastics 5pm - Beginner / Intermediate Skills 6pm - Intermediate / Advanced Skills

Saturday 7:00am - Beginner / Intermediate Skills 9:00am - Intermediate / Advanced Skills

General Gymnastics: (all levels) The focus of the General Gymnastics classes are on bodyweight strength development, general bodyweight conditioning and foundational gymnastic skill development.

Beginner: The focus of the Beginner Gymnastics class is on foundational gymnastics skills, strength, athlete level specific progressions and developing the correct body positions for movement efficiency for many of the Gymnastics skills that are in the daily workouts.

Intermediate: The focus in Level Two Gymnastics is on gaining strength, coordination and correct timing for the gymnastics skills we see in daily workouts. Athletes will also learn introductory drills and progressions for the more advanced CrossFit movements.

Advanced: The focus for the advanced gymnastics class is to gain high levels of bodyweight strength, increase skill level and body awareness for the more advanced skills we see in daily workouts and competitions. Athletes will focus on higher level skill development and strength progressions to assist athletes’ to create efficient movement patterns, develop muscular endurance and improve all around CrossFit performance. The advanced class will also learn a variety of ‘non’ specific CrossFit skills that will assist in developing coordination, timing and general physical preparedness.


Jade Sharp - Program Director

Jade is highly experienced, having spent over two decades in gymnastics as an athlete and coach. Her knowledge and expertise allows her to write a program that is structured toward advancing an athletes skills set, regardless of whether they’re starting as a beginner or a more experienced athlete.

As an Athlete: – Australian Gymnastics Team Member 1994 -1996 – Australian Team Member 1996 Olympics (injured after selection)

As a Coach: – Level 1-4 Coach – Level 4-10 Coach – Presenter QLD Gymnastics – NSW State Team Level 10 Coach – NSW State Team Junior International Coach

John Wishey - Head Coach

John has been coaching Gymnastics with Jade since 2015 & and been working with her coaching Crossfit specific gymnastics since 2019.

As an Athlete: - Level 3 south Regional Champ 2012 - Level 4 regional champ 2013

As a Coach: - Level 1-4 Men’s Head Competitive Coach 2015-2017 - Level 4-7 Assistant Coach to Women’s Competitive Team 2016-2017

As a Judge: - Achieved Beginner and Intermediate accreditation 2015 - Level 1-7 intermediate MAG Judge 2015-2017 - Judged at Regional and State level Competitions





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