WOD - Tues 13th Feb

Monday, February 12, 2018




Find a 2RM Deadlift

*Must be double overhand, not TnG

[15 min]




For time:

10-1 reps:

DB Snatch RH 20/15

DB Snatch LH 20/15

Lat burpee over DB

*Start with any hand any round

[15 min]




For time:

400m D-Ball front rack carry 100/65#

*Every break, inc lapping the ball, = 10 D-Ball power cleans





2 Front squat + 1 Jerk

*Warm up well and then find a heavy single for the day

8x4 Hang clean high pull


4x4 Hang clean shrugs

*Go even heavier

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