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WOD - Sat 1st September

Reminder: Gym closes at 10am tomorrow!

Torian CrossFit

“Magic Mile”

In teams of 2

For time:

1600m run each

*Before every mile the pair must perform either:

75 1-arm DB overhead squats 20/15


75 1-arm DB hang clean and jerk 20/15

Reps can be split between the pair in any fashion, however: If the DB overhead squats are performed 1st, then the runners must both complete their mile carrying a 9/6kg Wall ball.

If the DB hang clean and jerks are done 1st, then the runners must stop every 400m for 20 pistol squats during their mile. Whichever DB movement you do first, you must do the other movement on the next round.

[30:00 Cap]

Torian Gymnastics

Gymnastics conditioning circuit

Torian Recovery: 9am

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