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WOD - Fri 21st June

Torian CrossFit


Every :90 for 15:

3 Overhead squats

*From the ground, ascending weight across the 10 rounds


EMOM for 10:

5 Power snatch

*Touch and go, AHAP


AMRAP in 5:

10 Double DB snatch 2x15/2x10

10m Overhead walk 2x15/2x10

Torian Strength

A1) Incline Bench Press 5 X 6 A2) Trap Bar Deadlift 5 X 6 B1) Front Squat 5 X 6 B2) Pull Up 5 X Max C1) Dip 3 X Max C2) Standing DB Curl Alt. 3 x 10-15 D) Ab Rollouts 3 X 10-15

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