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How to DOMINATE leg day!

More plates more dates! Ryley Porter hits 180kg on 1RM testing day.

Back squat day should be one of the toughest WODs of the week. In the bro weight world there’s a reason people tend to skip leg day and that’s because done properly, squat day is brutally tough. A well executed back squat session should leave a lifter walking out of the gym completely spent, and thanking the barbell gods they don’t have to return for at least 24 hours.

✅ 1. Warm up well, focusing on good positions and a full range of motion. Work up incrementally, the number of warm up sets required will differ from lifter to lifter depending on how strong they are. Bigger lifters will need a few extra sets but the principal remains the same.

✅ 2. Commit to successfully completing every set. Mentally prepare to fight hard on the last few reps of the set and expect each effort to be HARD WORK. If the percentages feel too heavy bring the weight down a little and ensure you complete every rep of every set. You don’t get stronger by missing reps!

✅ 3. Consider your rest periods. Typically you should rest 2-4 minutes between sets, with rests getting longer as the weight gets heavier. If a set gets close to failure it means you should rest longer before performing the next one. When in doubt, rest longer.

✅ 4. Break your concentration. Have fun with your team mates between sets and let the banter flow. However when it’s your turn to lift, it’s time to switch on and approach the bar with fire, focus, and ready to dominate! The squat rack is no place for the timid.


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