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Meet the Members – Anastasia Caris

This month on ‘Meet the Members’ we’ve got Anastasia Caris! Anastasia has been a tremendous asset to the Torian community since she first joined, making lifelong friends, giving her all in each workout, volunteering to help in any way she can, and having fun at every step.

Anastasia first started CrossFit four years ago, but is more determined than ever to make her next year the best one yet. She cites the constantly varied programming as one of the things she most loves. “Other than the way it makes my body feel, I like CrossFit because the style of exercise really suits me,” Anastasia believes. “I can turn up every day and have a different and challenging workout put in front of me that I don’t have to think about or plan.”

But it’s not just the ease of having each workout carefully planned that she enjoys. It’s how humbling it can be, knowing that regardless of whether you’re a recent convert to CrossFit or a Regionals/Games athlete, there’s always improvement to be made, challenges to conquer, and progressions to master—giving everyone a constant appetite for success: “I find CrossFit really humbling. No matter how good I think I am one day, the next day there will be a workout that is hard—really hard—which constantly leaves me wanting to get better.”

The word community comes up every month in our newsletter, and it’s no different for Anastasia. “To be able to exercise in a place like Torian—where there is always someone working harder than you or trying their best—it’s super motivating,” she believes. “I’ve made some amazing friends at Torian and honestly couldn’t imagine my life without it!”

For the next 12 months, Anastasia would like to nail her first muscle-up and get better at everything handstand-related. She also encourages people of all backgrounds that the first step of just walking in the door is the hardest one to make. “Although the workouts are posted ahead of time, if you don’t look at them there’s no room for excuses! Just turn up and do your best each day.”

Thank you Anastasia for sharing your amazing story with the community!


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