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Please carefully read our T&C's and submit the form below to put your membership on hold. We've made it as simple as possible to avoid confusion so please take the time to read through the information provided before submitting your request.

Please note: Hold requests that do not meet our terms & conditions are unable to be actioned or responded to. Not because we don't love you, we just prefer to spend our time coaching you instead.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Hold requests must be submitted via this form no less than 5 business days prior to the commencement date to allow time for our team to receive and action the request.

  • Memberships can only be put on hold for a minimum of 14 days and maximum of 21 days up to two times per year.

  • Holds are for the purpose of injury, illness or holidays.

  • Upon expiration of the hold date, member’s account will automatically become active and payments shall resume.

  • Adding a hold to a membership will change its billing date, after the hold period is over.

  • If the requested hold date falls on the same as the billing date, members will be charged as per usual and the hold added to the end of that billing cycle.

  • Similarly, if you are debited directly before your hold date starts, your hold will be extended for the concurrent paid period.

    • ​​For example: Bob is debited fortnightly. He has submitted a two week hold from the 13th of Nov to the 27th of Nov. Bob is then debited on the 11th of November 2 days before his 14 day hold is due to start. Bob will automatically receive an additional 12 days of held debits on top of the 14 day hold period.

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