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I joined Torian about 3 years ago, with no background in CrossFit and unable at the time to even do a single pull-up.  I was immediately blown away by the size of the gym, the coaches and the vibe of the place. The coaches have put in place a well-considered training program for athletes of all levels with a focus on constantly learning new skills whilst developing strength and conditioning.

Amongst other goals they have assisted me through a 12 week transformation with amazing results.  I simply could not recommend this box any higher!

Simon Taylor

It’s not your typical “gym”. The atmosphere is incredible and the members are all so friendly and make the workouts more enjoyable.


I enjoy that, in one class, there is a multitude of fitness levels, and the coaches tailor the WOD for your level.


My biggest fear when I first joined was that I couldn’t do most movements, but after learning the scaled versions, I’m slowly working my way up to achieving the prescribed workouts.

I joined Torian because I was 89.9kg, and I refused to get to 90kg. I could see my weight getting away from me, and I needed to take control. When I joined, I mostly wanted my work pants to fit myself better. But after 4 months, I’m 16kg down and my work pants are too big.

Emma Wendland

Joining CrossFit Torian was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It's been a little over a year training with Torian and I could not be happier with where my strength and fitness is.


I feel so much stronger and am always looking forward to my next session.  The coaches set such a positive and encouraging atmosphere every class and provide great coaching and motivation.


They are always willing to spend extra time with you if you're struggling to understand a movement. CrossFit Torian has provided me with a community of great people to train with and appreciate the sport together.

I really appreciate all the staff's support and am very happy with the customer service provided. If you're looking to improve your fitness in a fun, challenging and highly encouraging environment then Torian is the place to be.

Michelle Gasparotto

Before I joined Torian I spent some time online looking for a new gym and the same name kept popping up, and upon my first visit it is clear as to why! The atmosphere in Torian is addictive, and the community is that of no other.

With some of the most knowledgeable staff and coaches that go above and beyond for all their members, it’s hard not to reach your goals at Torian. 

There are always events and competitions to look forward to that cater for all fitness levels, within just a few months of being a member I was able to enter the Torian Pro and compete alongside some of the best names in the sport!

Jayden Burgess

I joined Torian in April 2017 not really knowing what to expect.

I’d trained in a regular gym for many years and was playing competitive football at the time so I thought I’d be able to do most workouts with relative ease. I was wrong. 
I was hooked immediately, from the community, to the coaches, to the soul destroying workouts, I couldn’t get enough.

CrossFit not only made me a better athlete but a better coach aswell. My physique went from what I thought was “in good shape” to in far better shape within months and it continues to improve.

The biggest improvement has been in my overall mobility and overhead strength. In the beginning there was no hope of a muscle up nor an overhead squat or a handstand and now they’re a weekly staple that I thoroughly enjoy putting into practise.

Now being a part of the Torian Performance Program, I’m excited to be doing CrossFit as a sport and can’t wait to get into competition mode leading into the Crossfit Open.

The people I’ve met and have had the pleasure of training with make Torian such an enjoyable and motivating community to be a part of and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Lewis Collocott

When it comes to training, creating consistency, finding motivation, getting support and unleashing your potential, Torian is the place to be!

I love Torian because it's a community environment where every individual's workout is valued.

In one year of training I shaped my body and my mind, I learnt resilience, grit, stamina and improvisation, which has transferred into my every day life, especially in my recovery after a traumatic accident. I’m tougher and stronger and I get excited to see what my body and mind can achieve. The coaches helped me develop this and that’s how I managed to lift well over double what I could in every single lift I’ve tried from when I started a year ago. Plus my body caught on and I love looking strong!! 
I learnt how to lift safely, move well and proficiently, recover more quickly and compete without anxiety.

Everyone warms up and cools down together and nothing gets put away before the last person is finished. This is so important for safety, quality of movement standards and creating a community kinship.

Bea Connelley

Coming in for the first time being welcomed by Royce & Johno, who already knew my name was a fantastic first impression. So much so that I’ve persuaded all my friends to join too -- go #TeamBrazil!


I love how things are never the same, there is always a challenge and people to keep me motivated. The atmosphere and the coaches are so good that I train almost everyday. As a result I dropped a lot of weight, have improved my performed so much that I cannot believe it! I mean this time last year I couldn’t do a pull up, or a push up (without using my knees).


I am very #TorianProud to be part of this box, and cannot wait to see what the other things I’ll get better on over the next little while! Thank you guys!

Bre Cerqueira

One of the things I like most about Torian is the community. Yeah there are some elite athletes who train there. But not everyone is like that! Some are just starting out. And others, like me, are just looking to be active with friends.


Do a little experiment. Have a peek at some pictures of Torian events. We've even got several members (maybe a dozen?!) who are in their 60s! You can only do that if it is a safe and supportive place.

Jason Weidner

After just my first session at CrossFit Torian I was addicted, the atmosphere is electric! There is a vast array of members in age, background and fitness level who give every session their best and are having fun together while doing it. The box has such a positive/supportive environment and great community spirit. The Coaches are extremely knowledgeable and during my time at Torian they have been able to significantly improve my weightlifting & gymnastic technique as well as support me to reach my goals.


Torian has also helped me to build a healthy and confident mind set. I no longer worry about wanting to be ‘skinny’ and now focus on being strong and proud of what my body can achieve.  The positive vibes have me always enjoying myself and make me excited to go to the gym each day, the hardest part is forcing myself to have a rest day.

Margaux Gough

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