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January Meet The Members

Meet Llew & Lisa!

Llew is a Masters athlete in the 60+ category and has achieved the dizzying height of CrossFit Games qualification. He is one of our best athletes pound for pound and a great filter for us as coaches to appreciate what makes good movement and skill level into later life. Extremely humble and coachable, Llew has taught me just as much and he’s learned with an impressive life experience, a very unique perspective, and the down-to-Earth reality of balancing performance without the expense of health. Something easily forgotten for a younger athlete. If you ever need some motivation or a bit of quick wit to cut you down to size, Llew will be there.

Lisa is perhaps the friendliest person I’ve ever met in real life and I don’t believe there is a single person she couldn’t get along with. Her approachability transcends age as she is just as comfortable chatting with people half her age (literally!) as she is with her peers. Without embarrassing anyone in particular I have many stories of Lisa observing other people’s distress and stepping in to help with clarifying workout flow, sets and numbers of reps and movements in workouts. She doesn’t seek any praise or recognition for this it is just in her nature to help others.

Here's some questions we asked the two of them and the answers reflect their personalities and the qualities that make them the perfect first Members of the Month for our New Year.

1. Name & Age? Lisa Ellem, 54yrs. Llew Wynn, 65yrs & 8 months.

2. How long have you been Crossfitting for?

Lisa: I started CrossFit in 2015 at the local box in Hervey Bay.

Llew: Commenced CrossFit 6 years ago.

3. What made you start? Lisa: I tried it out because Llew was doing it and loved it so much, I was also keen to reintroduce some weights into my training, after just cycling and swimming for the last few years.

Llew: I was at a globo gym and observed some athletes doing kipping pull ups, power cleans, thrusters etc. My reaction was: “Well there's a challenge". After several questions they invited me to a CrossFit box.

4. When did you join Torian? Lisa: I joined Torian in November 2019. We had recently moved back to Brisbane from Townsville and were looking for somewhere for Llew to train. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do CrossFit in Brisbane, In Townsville I’d been at an all female box, but after coming in to Torian to watch Llew do his open workouts and meeting some of the coaches and members, I felt like Torian was a place I‘d be comfortable to join and work out at. Llew: October, 2019.

5. What is your favourite thing about Torian?

Lisa: I’ve experienced so much support and friendship from the Torian Family and learnt so much from the coaches to help me improve. I also really enjoy the space, it has a great feel. Llew: Initially, before I met any athletes, it was the quality of coaches. Later on the friendliness, teamwork, mateship and banter developed.

6. What has been your proudest achievement in CrossFit? Lisa: This year I was proud to finish Murph... and finally achieve box jumps. Llew: 2017 CrossFit Games. To qualify for the CrossFit Games one had to be in the top 200 ( in the world) after the 5 Open workouts. These 200 athletes then completed The Masters Online Qualifiers (4 workouts in 4 days), from this, the top 20 earned a ticket to the Games. I was 55th after the Open workouts but managed to claw back to 18th in the world after the Masters Online Qualifiers.

7. What is something that you couldn’t do before CrossFitt that has changed your life? Lisa: I think CrossFit has influenced my life through giving me confidence to face and complete challenges, because it can be mentally and physically tough. Throughout this last year Ive had to be resilient and my fitness has enabled me recover and heal quickly. Llew: A good question. "How has Crossfit affected my life, if at all?" Physically: Crossfit has given me confidence to attempt other sports ie surfing. Mentally: My mental Sharpness has remained strong. Working out and communicating with younger athletes keeps you physically and mentally young. My mental Toughness has improved. This is a big one. The mental toughness you apply in a 30 minute chipper flows onto other aspects of life, work, diet, organising your life etc. Crossfit has definitely increased my general overall confidence as a 65 year old. As you approach your twilight years longevity is obviously important. Being physically active and independent adds Quality to that Longevity. Time and Health are two precious assets not fully appreciated until they are gone.

8. What do you look forward to the most every day about Torian? Lisa: I look forward to starting my day with the 5am crew! 🔥

Llew: Getting fitter and stronger as I age and accomplishing this with likeminded friends in a positive environment. I look forward to the coaching. I aim to learn something new with each class. Leave the class a better Crossfitter.

9. What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting Crossfit but is worried? Lisa: I was one of those people, apprehensive and intimidated, especially having seen Llew competing, but CrossFit gives you options and the opportunity to move. At Torian I always feel included. Llew: There are numerous gyms and clubs available these days for various aspects of fitness. However I find CrossFit is an effective method for me to get stronger, fitter and be more flexible/mobile. CrossFit involves cardiovascular workouts, gymnastics, strength training and Olympic lifting. The scaling options available accommodate athletes of all levels of fitness and ability. 6 years on and I'm still learning new movements and improving my technique. It is challenging and requires effort. Quoting Denis Waitley: "There is a direct relationship between joy and effort. The joy of success is in ratio to the amount of energy expended to achieve it." Congratulations to Llew and Lisa and happy training to everyone for the month ahead! 2021 Let’s go!

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