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Programming Update

With the 2021 Open only 7 weeks away we now have just 2 Wendler cycles remaining before the big day arrives.


It’s important to remember that each time we begin a new Wendler cycle you need to adjust your theoretical 1RM’s. Both Squat and Deadlift figures need to increase by 5kg, whilst your Press will need to be raised by 2.5kg.


If your theoretical 1RM for the last cycle was 95kg that number now increases to 100kg.

Therefore (in keeping with the Wendler protocol) you would take 90% of 100kg (90kg) and calculate all percentages off that for this next cycle.


For the most part metcons will continue to be in the 10-20 minute range to match the time domains we most typically see in the Open.

Focus on consistency in your training over the next 7 weeks, move well, and of course chase intensity when the time calls for it.

See below for the programming break down for the remainder of our Open build up. We can’t wait to see everyone in top shape come the start of the season!

Jan 25-30: Wendler 5-5-5

Feb 1-6: Wendler 3-3-3

Feb 8-13: Wendler 5-3-1

Feb 15-20: Strength deload / longer metcons

Feb 22-27: Wendler 5-5-5

March 1-6: Wendler 3-3-3

March 8-13: Wendler 5-3-1

March 15-20: Testing


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