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Welcome to the Team, Jesse Williams!

We're very excited to announce the latest addition to our all-star cast of coaches, Jesse 'Tha Monstar' Williams - Olympic Weightlifting & Strength Coach.

Jesse is an accomplished Indigenous Australian athlete, winning two National Football Championships at the University of Alabama, and claiming victory in the Super Bowl XLVIII with the Seattle Seahawks.

Not only an Ex-Professional athlete, Jesse is stage 4 kidney cancer survivor, motivational speaker and a high-performance coach who has worked in and with some of the best sporting institutions and athletes in the world.

Sporting teams both elite and rookie request Williams to share his story and expertise of the many personal and professional adversities he overcame, in order to achieve his ultimate goals.

Its Williams’ relentless work ethic and authenticity that inspires many across the world and re-sparks passion in the pursuit of his athletes dreams, and why we are extremely excited to welcome him to the Torian family.

Jesse will be coaching in our Brisbane Barbell Club every Monday & Wednesday nights from 5 -7pm and Saturday morning from 8 -10am.


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